How Good is the Sorelle Verona Crib and Changer ?

Finding the right baby crib for your newborn is a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider like comfort, safety, and the design.

However, as a parent, the top priority should always be safety. Among the several baby crib brands out there, Sorelle is one of the most reliable brands you can trust your newborns with.

Sorelle has been in the business of infant and children furniture for more than 35 years. Their furniture collections are timeless in design and are structurally intended to grow with your children.

One of their furniture collections is Verona which is composed of two baby cribs: Verona 4 in 1 Crib and Verona Crib & Changer. Both baby cribs are available in two colors: Espresso and French White.

What is Sorelle Verona Crib?

Sorelle Verona 4 in 1 Crib is a versatile baby crib that can be converted to a toddler bed and a full-sized bed that your child can use throughout his childhood. This is an ideal choice for parents who value versatility and practicality. Parents are practical enough to look for baby cribs that can be used even long after their kids have outgrown the crib.

To keep your toddler safe when you transfer him to his bed, toddler rails can be purchased separately. Parents may attach this on the sides of the bed to keep kids safe all the time. After all, being a cautious parent does not stop when your child transitions to being a toddler.

The mattress can also be changed into three positions, so this is good if you would like to adjust the mattress now and then for your child’s comfort.

On the other hand, the Sorelle Verona Crib & Changer is an all-in-one baby crib made from New Zealand Pine. The set includes spacious drawers, shelves, and an accessible changing table.

This type of crib is especially helpful for parents who would like to keep all the baby essentials in one place. With this baby crib, parents can avoid the hassle of walking back and forth and rummaging through the closet to grab what the baby needs.

As parents, you always should be prepared and quick to act whenever the need arises. In caring for a newborn baby, there are a lot of instances when you need to keep all the essential items at arm’s length so that you don’t have to leave your baby’s side.
The mattress for the Verona Crib & Changer can be adjusted to four different positions. This is a great way of enhancing the comfort level of your baby while he is in the baby crib.

Like the Verona 4 in 1 Crib, the Verona Crib & Changer can also be converted into a toddler bed and a full-size bed.

Overall, the crib frame of both Sorelle Verona baby cribs is solid and sturdy. They are made of fine solid wood which makes it heavy-duty, thus more reliable.

These baby cribs are also well supported a sturdy foundation which keeps the baby crib steady even if your baby moves around a lot.

Safety wise, Sorelle’s Verona baby crib is a good choice. They are solid and steady, and the distance between the crib slats are just enough to avoid your child’s limbs from getting stuck in between.

Also, all baby cribs included in the Verona collection meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. The ASTM and CPSC are international standard organizations that develop safety standards for consumer products. These organizations have come together to agree on certain standards that manufacturers must meet for their product to be deemed safe. These safety standards are applied to a wide range of consumer products.

Additionally, Verona baby cribs are also JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified. Hence, parents are assured that they are getting a good quality product.

Newborn babies are extremely delicate in their early growth stage so having an excellent quality baby crib is important. Also, most of the time, babies are left in a baby crib to sleep and play so you need a baby crib you can trust your child with.

Sorelle’s Verona baby cribs guarantee you that their cribs were manufactured with high-quality standards and so are safe for your baby. This is backed up by their ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA certifications.

These baby cribs go well with the rest of the Sorelle Verona Collection which includes a 5-drawer dresser, double dresser, hutch, and a nightstand.

Overall, what we like most about Sorelle’s Verona baby cribs are its versatility and solid crib frame.

The crib’s design is timeless and so can fit well in all homes, and its versatile structure means that this baby crib is worth your investment because you can use it for a long time, compared with other brands.

Verona baby cribs are good choices for parents who wouldn’t think twice of compromising their children’s safety.

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